This is Neuro Renaissance
A team of neural networks is creating a new kind of online art galley.
Only 100 painting are going to be produced.
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A machine learning view on the most iconic paintings
Neurorenaissance is a project that carefully balances on the edge on human-to-machine relations in the art space. Humans crafted the dataset and machine has learned to mimic it. Humans tuned the resulting network and created a whole ensemble of custom neural networks to make the generated artwork look as close to real as possible.

No artwork is static. They constantly morph into something new creating a dynamic experience.

Each Neurorenaissance painting is released as unique NFT token.
It took humanity 400 years to create the original masterpieces.
It took machine around 3 months of constant training and billions of iterations to create its own vision.

Every asset is either created by the team of neural networks, or procedurally crafted.
No piece is ever the same.
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